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When your company needs to train employees in company procedures, or teach customers how to use its product, you can either use live presenters to do the training -- and repeat the process over and over for years, at great expense -- or make a video which can be shown repeatedly.  The video can be duplicated on DVD or posted on a website, allowing mass distribution that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

Video tutorials can include detailed demonstrations of programs on a computer, or navigation of your website.  Computer capture technology enables an amazingly high resolution video display from computer captures even when the video is viewed on a t.v. screen across the room.

Joe co-produced and directed "Forfeiture 101" a two-hour Continuining Legal Education DVD to train lawyers (and asset forfeiture victims who are forced to represent themselves for financial reasons) how to defend federal asset forfeiture cases.   Release date: June 2009.  Forfeiture Endangers American Rights Foundation commissioned this project and will be selling the DVD to the public.

Joe charges $50 per hour for filming, editing and other video production services, and $20 per hour for travel time.  Call Joe for an estimate of the cost of your planned project.

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