Rates for video services
Joe charges $50 per hour for filming, editing and other video production services, and $20 per hour for travel time. 

Prices for a completed music video range from $300 to $500 for a basic, one-song live music video.  For a high-def MTV-style Hollywood extravaganza, call Joe for a price estimate.

Once your video is produced and rendered on DVD, they can be inexpensively reproduced through a commercial replicator/duplicator.  For less than $300 you can get 100 copies commercially reproduced, printed and packaged through the duplication process (which burns the disk with a laser like your DVD burner uses).  In quantities of 1,000 or more you can have them replicated (pressed, like DVDs you buy in stores) and the price goes down to less than $1 each, and for less than $1.50 each the replicator will includes DVD cases with full-color printing cover printing and 3-color on-disk printing.  If you want to save your pennies,
you can reproduce your DVDs cheaply on your computer, as you need them.

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