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Nothing advertises and promotes a product or service better than a motion picture advertising.  Traditionally, companies that could afford to advertise on television dominated all their competitors.  For many products and services, the inability to afford television advertising forever doomed the product or service to a local or niche market.  You could never match the market share of the competitors who advertised on television. 

The advent of the Internet has changed all of that.  Now, websites and YouTube videos have the potential of creating a huge international presence in the marketplace.  You can post a video ad available to the entire worldwide audience at a negligible cost.  The trick is getting your website video ad noticed.

To get noticed, your video advertisement should grab attention, speak of your character and quality, and sparkle with creativity.  Joe will work with you in portraying yourself to the world.

Joe has created promotional videos for First Interstate Bank, Animal Lovers, National Bank of the Redwoods and Bert's Tattoo.

Joe charges $50 per hour for filming, editing and other video production services, and $20 per hour for travel time.  Call Joe for an estimate of the cost of your planned project.

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