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If you're in an up-and-coming band that just needs to be discovered, a music video might just be your ticket out of obscurity.

Sure, they can listen to your CD or demo tape, but what can they tell about your stage presence?  A video gives you the chance to sell your performance in all its dimensions. Even a simple video of your live performance adds layers of meaning to the experience that both builds on and transcends your music. The viewer gets to know you as people. 
They get to see your star quality.

High quality music videos on DVDs are a great way to advertise your band to clubs, festivals and other music venues. And it makes a really cool product to sell at your live performances.

Making a music video is probably not as expensive as you think.  Joe charges $50 per hour for filming, editing and other video production services, and $20 per hour for travel time.  Prices for a completed music video range from $300 to $500 for a basic, one-song live music video.  For a high-def MTV-style Hollywood extravaganza, call Joe for a price estimate.

Once your music video is produced and rendered on DVD, they can be inexpensively reproduced.  For less than $300 you can get 100 copies commercially reproduced, printed and packaged.  In  quantities of 1,000 or more the price goes down to less than $1 each to replicate.  If you want to save your pennies,
you can reproduce your DVDs cheaply on your computer, as you need them.

Of course you'll want to make lower resolution versions of your music videos to upload to YouTube or your MySpace or FaceBook page. They make great advertising.

Joe Cable has decades of experience as a music videographer and musicologist. Many Bay Area rock and blues bands consider Joe their greatest fan. In his incarnation as Uncle Larry of Uncle Larry's Clubhouse, and his other television shows on Santa Rosa's TV  channel 72, Joe gave many up and coming bands a jump start.

Joe's videos run the full gamut of styles and budget: 

     From the full-blown Fellini treatment of Nocturnal Phantasm to the bare bones Cinema Verite of Johnny Tsunami & The Hurricanes, from the fractured Minimalism of Hamilton Field's Three Bean to the psychedelic Surrealism of City of Stone, from the cold intellectualism of The Brain to the lyrical intimacy of Overwhelming Feeling and EVERYTHING in between.

Many other examples of Joe's music videos can be found on his YouTube page.
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