Evidentiary videos
When well-heeled folks engage in courtroom battles, their lawyers spare no expense to present high-tech video evidence - illustrating the crime scene, the accident scene, the premises or product or process at issue - allowing the jury to see what happened in the case, as if they were there. 

Now that videotaping is affordable, evidentiary videos are a sound investment in any litigation strategy.  Long before the trial, the evidence-gathering and discovery phases require an understanding of the facts that often only a videotape of the scene, person or object can depict.  A still photograph can't portray the spatial relationship between the object or scene and other objects in three dimensions - but a video can.

Joe Cable can work with the attorney, client, expert witness and/or investigator to capture on video the relevant forensic videotape footage to best illustrate potential issues for trial.   These videos are also useful in settlement negotiations, and in preparing the attorney for trial testimony.

Rate:  $50 per hour for videotaping and other technical services (editing, duplication), $20 per hour for travel time.

"In a recent evidentiary video he did for me, Joe measured the sizes of the marijuana plant stalks and the plants' canopy, followed the perimeter of the property to trace fence lines, roads and access points, and show relationships to other parcels.  This is the kind of videotaping routinely done by criminal prosecutors' offices, which always gave them an advantage - the ability to portray the scene in the light most favorable to them.  Now that videotaping is affordable, defense attorneys can visually present the other side of the story."  - B. Grantland, Esq., Mill Valley, CA
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