Special events
Whether it be a group or community event like a festival or awards ceremony, or a family event such as a wedding or reunion -- part of the planning of any event should include preserving the important events of the day for posterity.  Nothing short of being there could ever top a video of the special day. 

Joe has shot numerous weddings and private parties, as well as event videos for the 9th and 10th Annual Tattoos & Blues Festival which were created for commercial release. 

Now it's totally affordable to have your special day frozen in time, and cryogenically amped up and artistically portrayed as only Joe Cable can do.  Joe charges $50 per hour for filming, editing and other video production services, and $20 per hour for travel time. 
Given editorial license and the budget, Joe can make the video of your event as big a production as you want.  Call for an estimate.

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